Magnetic Flowmeters

The working principle of the inductive Magnetic flow meters is based on Faraday’s law of induction. Each flow meter consists of a tube where the product to be dosed flows through. Around this tube a magnetic field is created.

The parameters used for measuring are section of the tube, electrical conductivity of the product (min. 5 Micro-Siemens / cm) and its speed. Inductive flowmeters are the best measuring system for any kind of liquids, including thick or abrasive ones.

Filling section has no movable parts, so they do not require maintenance. Magnetic volumetric flow meters counters are suitable to fill liquid products in bottles or tanks of various shapes.

Mass Flowmeters

The working concept of the Mass flow meters is based on Coriolis’ principle of the controlled generation of forces. The product passes through two tubes, which oscillate at their resonance frequency. Two electro-dynamic sensors, located in the inlet and outlet of the two tubes, allow the detection and the displacements due to Coriolis’ effect.

With the principle of Coriols’ forces, the mass capacity can be detected independently from conductivity, density, viscosity and temperature of the liquids to be dosed. This measuring process is classified as “in line scale” and responds to the particular needs of special chemical Industry of solvent and varnish production, cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Mass volumetric flow meters counters are suitable to fill products independently from conductivity, density, thickness and temperature of the liquid to dose and are particularly indicated for varnishing, solvents, food, pharmaceutical petrochemical and chemical products.

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