Coffee Capsules Filling and Cartoning

Coffee Capsules Filling and Cartoning

Solution for filling of all the main types of coffee capsules in the following materials:

100% compostable, plastic, aluminium.

RC100 - Modular – Flexible – Versatile

Compact design with built-in optional packaging unit.

Double filling station to make any kind of capsules.

Plus Automatic Capsules Sorter. Feeding System for capsules in bulk, belts included.

Plus Automatic Mono or
Multi Bags Filler

Plus Dosing System
for Coffee Grains.

Or Grinder Dosing System
for Coffee Powder.

Plus Manual Case Packer

Or Automatic cartoner shaping different combinations:
10×1, 5×2, 10×3.

4.300 mm is the maximum lenght

1.930 mm is the minimum lenght.

Double-Lane RC100

Output: from 100 to 120 CPM for Nespresso (depending on material) and ca 100 CPM for Dolcegusto.


The filling unit can also be equipped with a dosing system for coffee grains and also a coffee grinder: these additions would allow you to also pack loose coffee.


Optional Devices:

Single-Lane RCL1

Output: up to 85 CPM





Coffee Capsules
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The RC100 and the RCL1 can be combined with built-in packaging systems:

  1. Semiautomatic case packing
  2. Automatic Cartoner ASTV30 that does different combinations: 10×1, 5×2, 10×3
  3. Automatic vertical packaging machine integrated with:
    • Labelling unit and inline printer
    • Precise and adjustable counting system to fill the exact number of capsules in each bag
    • Bag forming and filling by servo technology
    • Side exit conveyor for stand-up bags

RC100 – 3D Showcase 

RC100 Capsules Filling

RC100 Capsules Filling + ASTV30 Automatic Cartoner

RC100 + Magazine + Semi Automatic Case Packing 

RCL1 + Semi Automatic Cartoner

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